My Journey through OpenStack!

I am currently doing my Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science (third year) from International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad. I am applying for the Outreachy round 11 in OpenStack.

I came across Outreachy a while ago, and decided to take part in it as I am passionate about coding and learning about new technologies, and Outreachy seemed like a perfect platform to learn and grow.

A close friend of mine, Itisha Dewan, introduced me to OpenStack. I looked through all the projects, and picked the one that I found most interesting, which was Solum. Solum is the Software Development Lifecycle Automation service for OpenStack. I contacted the potential mentor for the project, Devdatta Kulkarni (IRC nick devkulkarni on Freenode) on IRC, and he helped me alot in getting started. He was extremely patient and helped me in figuring things out from scratch. He gave me my first bug, a low-hanging-fruit (the link to it) which I managed to solve, and gained a little confidence from. I subsequently understood more about Solum from him and other members of Solum, who were all extremely helpful and supportive. I moved on to solve a few other bugs suggested to me by Dev, and also discussed the various proposed projects in Solum for Outreachy with him.

The OpenStack community has been extremely helpful and supportive, especially my mentor Dev who has been extremely patient with me and has been a major source of motivation for me. I am really glad I decided to contribute to OpenStack and Solum, which has such an experienced community that I could learn a lot from. I hope I get selected for Outreachy so that I can contribute further to OpenStack and learn as much as I can from the internship.

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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