Summer Internship at OpenStack! :)

Hey everyone!

I have been accepted as an Outreachy intern for OpenStack for the summer and will be working on Solum under my mentor Devdatta Kulkarni.

My project is to get the Solum Horizon plugin working again. In its current state, the plugin is not in working condition. My job is to make changes in its code to make it compatible with Solum’s current APIs for applications and languagepacks.

At the halfway point for the internship, I have implemented the changes in the plugin code to support the list, show and delete functionalities for languagepacks. I have also started working on the supporting the creation of languagepacks through the dashboard.

I had first looked through the horizon documentation for creating a new panel for languagepacks.  Then in order to implement the CRUD options, I had to go through the already existing code in the plugin for applications, and also took a look at the code for some of the other dashboards (like that of murano) to get an idea of how to go about implementing these options. In this whole process, I learned a bit about how Django works.

Further, to implement these options, I took a look at how to establish a connection to the solumclient from the plugin and then use that connection to carry out the task. In order to do this, I went through the code for the client from the python-solumclient module and learned about how the client connection is established and how this client is used to carry out the different CRUD commands.

My next step would be to complete the implementation of creation of languagepacks.

I’ll continue sharing updates about my internship. So stay tuned! 🙂


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